Filthy Beast – Publicity

This page shows some of the publicity devices and schemes used by the band and the Entertainment Agencies that they dealt with over the years.

Business Cards

The Poet Business CardThe Poet

The Ace Music Business CardAce Music

The Poet Business CardGemini Entertainments

Press ReleasesTop

Legend News Flash

Legend News Flash

Legend Information Sheet

Legend Information Sheet

Legend Standard Letter

Legend Standard Letter

Press AdvertisementsTop

A desperate sounding advertisement in the Andover Advertiser 1st May 1970Andover Advertiser
1st May 1970

An adverisement in the Southern Echo 1st May 1970Southern Echo
1st May 1970

Gemini Entertainments Advertisement in the Basingstoke Gazette 11th July 1974Basingstoke Gazette
11th July 1974

An Advertisement in the Disc and Music Echo 9th May 1970Disc and Music Echo
9th May 1970

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