Filthy Beast – Miscellany

An assortment of facts and anecdotes about the Band that was Filthy Beast.

Where the name Filthy Beast came from

Old lady sitting in a chair

Peter's Father had an elderly aunt known as "Aunty Diddy" who looked a bit like a thinner version of Giles famous cartoon creation "Grandma".  In later years she suffered from a mild form of dementia and was in a world of her own most of the time.  Every christmas she would visit the Yates household and sit all night upright in a chair with a glass of port that she rarely drank, and a cigarette in a holder that she never smoked, so it just turned into a long tube of ash.

She rarely spoke much but every so often she would slap her thigh and exclaim loudly "bloody bitch!" or "filthy beast!"  Nobody every knew who she was talking about but the smart money was on Peter's paternal grandparents.

One day during a "brainstorming" session for renaming the band the story was told and the name "Filthy Beast" was enthusiastically adopted.  It could just as easily been "Bloody Bitch"...

Terry's Quips and Patter Top

These were found in an old note book together with lists of numbers.  The instructions, reproduced below verbatim, were written on the opposite page of the book.


NB Only to be used once each per gig (especially 3)

NB 4. Only to be used at Army functions or as last resort.

NB Switch off footswitch before speaking.

We do not do Old Numbers use: "Rave from the Grave", "Golden Oldie" or "Classic".

Quips and Jokes

  1. Communal swear - Repeat after Me
    • "F"
    • "F – U"
    • "F – U – C"
    • (sung)"F – U – C  me walking down the street..."
  2. They used to be a duo called the symbolics.  Pete was Sym, Mike was the other one.
  3. The more you drink the better we sound!
  4. Come on you buggers!  Dance or we fuck off home!
  5. Women have always been fascinated by Mike, they've chased him since he was 15.  He steals handbags.
  6. At no time during the last number did his hands leave the end of his wrist.
  7. Contraceptives should be worn at every conceivable situation.

Amplification Equipment

On the 10th July 1967 Peter and Terry drove up to London and parked Peter's MK1 Cortina outside of "Orange Music" in New Compton Street.  Using a loan from Peter's father they purchased two second hand amplifiers and speaker cabinets.  They then popped round the corner into Shaftesbury Avenue and purchased a Wah Wah pedal from "Sound City".

The amps and speakers; a Selmer 50watt guitar amplifier and a Dallas 50watt solid state bass amplifier were somehow inserted into the small car and with the boot lid held insecurely in place by string they slowly made their way back to Andover.  Due to the state of the roads in those days, the journey, which now takes approx 90 minutes, took nearly 3 hours.

The new amps made a big difference to the sound of the band but at that stage they didn't have a separate PA amplifier so the microphones were plugged into the guitar amps.  After a few months of managing like this they were able to purchase a second hand Burns 50 watt PA amplifier and a pair of column speakers from classified advertisements in the local paper.  Although underpowered the PA system made a big improvement in their live sound as it was now possible to hear the vocals.

When Dave Evans of Gemini Entertainments gave the band an audition gig in June 1974 he told them that they needed a better PA amp and loaned them the cash to purchase a new 150watt WEM multi-channel PA Amplifier.  They paid him back from the money they earned at the next few gigs, paying the final instalment On the 15th January 1975.

False Teeth & Jimi Hendrix Impersonations

On 1st April 1967 the Rejected played at a 21st Birthday party in St Anns Hall Andover.  This was the Birthday of Ron who worked at Ponds the furnishers where Peter had a Saturday job, and Ron's twin brother Don.

The band were great Jimi Hendrix fans, having just seen the great man perform at the Corn Exchange Newbury.  Peter had taught himself to play the lead break from the animals' hit "House of the Rising Sun" in Hendrix style - holding the guitar behind his head and also playing with his teeth.  This was the first and last occasion on which these two tricks were performed live.

The first part – behind the head went well.  The audience seemed impressed and, bouyed with enthusiasim Peter decide to go for it and played the next part with his teeth.  He attacked the strings with gusto, but unfortunately his single denture (a top plate) was not up to the job and at a critical time it was catapulted out into the audience.

Ron came to the rescue, picked up the offending denture, rinsed it in Peter's beer and handed it back.  It was fitted securely back in place just in time for Peter to start singing the next verse.

False Teeth and Motion Sickness Top

Someone lost his false tooth out of the side of the van on the way home from the Royal Hotel Guildford whilst being sick out of the window.  It was along the Hogs Back and whoever it was (I can't remember) asked Roger (the manager who was driving) to stop and go back for it.

Roger was reluctant to go back as he wanted to get home, but after some argument he agreed and at two o'clock in the morning, by the light of the van's headlights the members of the band sorted through the road-side vomit until the offending denture was located.

Motion Sickness and Van Cleanliness

Until Roger purchased his own van, the band hired transit vans by the weekend or day from Munro's of Andover.  They were always careful after excessive alcohol consumption to be sick out of the window rather than all over the inside of the van.  The first time this happened the van was returned late on a Sunday night and the keys put through the letter box.

On the Monday morning Peter received a telephone call from his irate uncle Dick Winser, who was the service manager at Munro's.  "One of you dirty little buggers has puked all over the side of our van and we want it cleaned!".  Peter went down to the garage in his lunch hour with a bucket and brush and washed the fan-shaped deposit of dried-on vomit from the side of the van.  In future if such an accident occurred the van was hosed off before it was returned.

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