Filthy Beast – The Management

The management and agencies that were involved with the band.

Entertainment Agencies

The band dealt with a number of Agencies over the years including:

  • S & P Managements of Newbury
  • Lance Barrat Agencies
  • Avenue Artistes of Southampton
  • Ace Music Entertainments of Salisbury
  • Gemini Entertainments of Basingstoke

Ace Music were the main supplier to the "service cicuit" in the Salisbury Plain and Southern Hampshire area.  The band enjoyed playing many gigs obtained through Ace Music.

Gemini Entertainments of Basingstoke, run by Dave Evans were a great partner for Legend.  The company obtained gigs for the band throughout the Northern Hampshire area.  When Dave Evans came to see the band at their Audition gig he pointed out a big weakness, their PA Amplifier was not man enough for the job.  Dave bought a new PA Amplifier for the band and they paid him back from the money they earnt at the next few gigs.  On the 15th January 1975 they paid the final instalment.

Roger Page Top

Roger Page

Roger Page became involved with the band in early 1973.  Roger was the manager and road manager finding the band work and driving them to the gigs in hired transit vans then eventually his own ex GPO van.

Roger found and introduced the drummer Nick to the band when Terry left in 1973.  In 1974 Terry rejoined after Nick left to join the Army.

Roger tried hard to promote the band to local venues, even going so far as to change the name of the band without telling them when contacting potential customers.

The band were offered under names like "Doll's House" and "Tillertons Terminus" but they never played a gig under one of these names.

Peter and Roger became good friends and were best man at each other's weddings.

Roger is shown on an orange background which approximately matches the colour of the volkswagen car that he owned in those days.


CFS Mangement

For a time Peter tried to manage the band using the name "CFS Management".  At the time he was working part time as a contract carpet fitter using the name Carpet Fitting Services - CFS, and it seemed a good way to save on stationery costs.

In order to maintain the fiction that he was a management agency Peter invented the stage name "Peter Black" so that he could be the manager using his real name.

CFS management procured very few gigs for Legend including the only one that they never got paid for.  The proprietor of this venue although booking Legend as a Pop Band tried to force the boys to play jazz instrumentals all evening. They refused, played their normal set and went down reasonably well, but the gentleman refused to pay!   The venue will not be named because it was a long time ago and no one wants to bear a grudge, but if a certain Mr Cole is still alive and reads this he could absolve his conscience by sending us a cheque for £133.00 which is equivalent to the £20.00 fee plus inflation untill 2008.

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