Filthy Beast – 1966 – The First Gigs

Although formed in 1964 when the lads were all 13-14 years old they only became proficient enough (just!) to perform in public by 1966.

Andover Advertiser 25th February 1966

1st Gig

19th February 1966

Note how the local paper (The Andover Advertiser) got the name wrong.

On Saturday 19th February 1966 the band played their first gig at the SJAB Valentines Party at Kelly's Hall, Weyhill Road Andover.  The booking was secured by Peter's uncle Jim (Pym) Poore who worked at Kelly's (a local printer) at the time and put in a word for them.

To take on even a gig like this with the pitiful equipment they had at the time was optimistic to say the least.  Mike Parkins had a very small amplifier for his guitar, Peter's guitar had it's solitary pick-up held on by chewing gum, and in place of an amplifier he used his reel-to-reel tape recorder in which his father had fitted a jack socket to utilise the amplifier and the very small speakers built-in to the tape recorder.  The single microphone was plugged into a spare socket on Mike's amplifier.  Terry's Drum kit comprised a snare drum, a high-hat cymbal and another single cymbal.  Nevertheless it was a reasonably successful debut.

Halfway through the evening they asked one of their mates how they sounded and he said it was okay but something was not quite right, were the guitars in tune?  It was only then that they realised that they had to be in tune with each other, so Mike and Peter went off to the dressing room (the gents toilets) complete with guitars and carefully tuned them together for the first time.  The second half of the evening was greatly improved.

For the debut gig they received £2 between them.

From a contact made at the party the band later found a regular place to practice - Wildhern Youth Club.

Andover Advertiser 8th July 1966

2nd Gig

2nd July 1966

At least this time the Andover Advertiser got the name right.

The Rejected were supporting the "Melody Makers" a dance orchestra.   The Grand Carnival Dance was organised by Taskers Sports and Social Club at the Fiesta Hall, Andover.  Admission was 6 shillings (30p) per head, and the Rejected were paid 10 guineas (£10.50) for the evening.

This was an important night for, the first time The Rejected were performing "for real" in front of a fairly large audience which included some of their parents, close relatives and friends.  Undaunted, but perhaps slightly embarrassed they carried on and enjoyed the evening.

Entrance Ticket for the 1966 Andover Carnival Dance

Ticket for the 1966 Andover Carnival Dance

An advertisement in the 1966 Andover Carnival Program

Advertisement in 1966 Andover Carnival Program


3rd Gig Top

8th October 1966

This was a wedding reception at Saint Ann's Hall, Andover.  The band, renamed as "The Syn", played for two hours 30 minutes (7:00 to 8:00, then 8:30 to 10:00) for a fee of £6.00.

4th Gig

14th December 1966

Andover Grammar School Christmas party.  The band's name was back to the Rejected.   No memories or notes recall exactly how this one went apart from being told to "turn it down" several times throughout the evening by various masters.

5th Gig

31st December 1966

Their very first gig secured through an agency, the new years eve dance at the Sergeants Mess RAF Middle Wallop was a milestone for the band.  Their biggest payday to date earning £20 for the night's work, less 10% comission to Lance Barrett Agencies Limited, netted them £18.  Taking inflation into account this is equivalent to over £200 in 2008.

Thus ended their first year as a working band

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