Download Filthy Beast Music – Free

Below is a selection of authentic recordings of Filthy Beast in action which are available for free download subject to observance of the copyright statement at the bottom of this page.

Quality Statement

These mono recordings of the band were originally made on a small cassette recorder from amongst the audience and are of relatively poor sound quality.

You have been warned!

The stereo solo recordings were made using a 4 track cassette based home studio and although technically better in quality are not claimed to be professional studio standard.

Click on the titles to download the tracks.  The mp3 files are zipped for easy download and will need to be unzipped before playing them.  The free compression & decompression utility "Zipper" ™ is ideal for zipping and unzipping.  It can be downloaded from here: Zipper

Live at the GPO Sports & Social Club — Basingstoke

18th December 1974

  1. Hey Mamma We're All Crazy Now
  2. The In Crowd
  3. Purple Haze
  4. Terry's Communal Swear
  5. Nights In White Satin
  6. Magnetic Woman
  7. I Get So Excited
  8. Hi Fly
  9. And I Love Her

A CD is Available

A picture of the front and reverse of Filthy Beast's CD Live GPO Basingstoke

If you like the music buy the CD only £7.50 plus P&P.

With 4 extra tracks:

"Badge", "Gratefully Dead", "Stone Free" & "Dream".

Also includes the two practice tracks below.

Practice Sessions Top

Fragments from old Practice recordings

Includes "Gloria" with the only known recording of Mike Perry on lead vocals.  Note the fragment intro to "Paint It Black" at the begining of this track.

The second track is a medley of fragments of "Born To Be Wild" , "Gloria", "Whiter Shade of Pale" and "Jumping Jack Flash"

  1. Gloria — The Rejected (ft. Mike Perry)
  2. Medley — The Poet

Peter Yates Solo

Recordings made in the 1990's

  1. The Other Side Of The Sky
  2. Born In A Cloud
  3. Go Your Way
  4. Time
  5. Ballad Of The Space Whale
  6. Pretty Good About Everything
  7. Magnetic Woman

A CD is Available

A picture of the front and reverse of Peter Yates' CD If You Are So Inclined

If you like the music buy the CD only £7.50 plus P&P.

With 8 extra tracks:

"Underground", "Song for Tomorrow", "Child of the Universe", "Life","Funny Whenever", "Aeroplane", "Bull Shit" & "I Can't Let You Go"

Copyright Statement

You are hereby granted permission to copy, and distribute the musical compositions and sound recordings made downloadable from the Filthy Beast web site, provided that a written copy of this notice is included with every copy that is made.

Distribution is allowed on a non-commercial basis only, and you are not granted permission to sample or amend the music in any way.

If you obtained this by making a copy, and if you find value in this music and wish to support it, please donate whatever you thought the music was worth by using the "Donate" button on the right hand side of the page.

If you wish to use any of the music commercially please contact us through the form on the website –"

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